Interview with the illustrator Jarvis

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Picture of the illustrator Jarvis

The author of Alan’s Big Scary Teeth, Lazy Dave and Mrs Mole, I’m Home, Jarvis is an award-winning picture book maker who has received the V&A best illustrated book award and the Cambridge book award for best debut.

Full name Peter Jarvis (but better known as just Jarvis), the award-winning author-illustrator is Beatles-obsessed and at the beginning of his career wanted to create band album covers, but instead the bright-lights of children’s illustration came calling.

And thank goodness it did. Alan’s Big Scary Teeth has been included in 600,000 Bookstart packs across the UK and featured on the front page of the New York Times on its debut.

But it had a difficult start in life. Days before handing in the book he was burgled and everything was taken – computer, back-ups and scans – so he had to redo the entire book from scratch in one weekend. But it wasn’t a total disaster, as some parts actually came up better than before!

Thanks @booksbyjarvis for taking part in this quick interview. Head over to his Instagram page to see more of his work.

Question for Jarvis

Cover of Alan's Big Scary Teeth

Question for Jarvis

Image of a lyric book by the Beatles

Question for Jarvis

Question for Jarvis

Question for Jarvis

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